Our philosophy

We are old fashioned in spirit.  We believe in treating people fairly, doing a good job and selling a quality product.  In our wide range of merchandise and services we take cues from the past and are not afraid to touch on the unexpected.  We are not set in doing things in a certain traditional way-we like to experiment and see what might work and see where it goes.  We are creators and the process is as satisfying as the final result. 


As new  pieces evolves they tell you what they need, they are not just put together like a jigsaw puzzle.  Creativity is what drives us to make our own handcrafted pieces-we make each piece as its own individual piece and it contains a little bit of us.  We do not make factory cookie cutter products assembly line style.  We thrive on self expression and take pride in quality craftsmanship and artisty.  Our pieces are inspired by our materials, the world around us and the artist in us.


Every board we cut on our sawmill is rough cut, planed, sanded, cut and turned into something special.  We take pride in sourcing, harvesting and using local woods and utilizing a natural resource that is often though of and treated as a waste product. 

The tree to lumber milling that is done on our sawmill for our ready made pieces are trees that were not wanted by the land owner or business that did the initial  tree removal. 


The years that tree has lived and grown can then continue in another form-one that will be truely appreciated for generations to come.  Not to mention the big trunks take a long time to burn and may require additional disposal after the brush fire is out.

In a world of waste and excess we are proud to say also use reclaimed wood and reclaimed items for some of our creations.  We even have some of the popular pallet creations that you see nowdays.  As children we were taught to be not wasteful and this mentality has become our mantra.  We take pride and find inspiration in the fact that we can upcycle something and change its purpose in life in a way that will bring joy to the person who brings it home.  

We cherish the notion that we reuse and recycle what we can in our milling and wood cutting process.  Cedar shavings and small pieces of scrap wood are sewn into decorative fabric or muslin bags and turned into closet and drawer deodorizers.  Cedar shaving are supposed to repel fleas naturally (so "they" say!)  and can be added dog and cat bed cushions.  If nothing else it will make the beds smell better after they have been in use awhile.  Other types of wood shavings can be made into fire starters for camping or for starting fires in stoves.  Larger flat pieces can be cut into components to be used in other pieces or sold as cedar planks for grilling and as rustic hot pads.  


You can check out our blog at: https://simplepleasureseverydaytreasures.wordpress.com/2016/08/

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What is your returns policy?

We want you to be 100% happy with your product.  If you are not please contact us and we will work out the details.

How do I track my order?


Tracking information will be issued to you once an item ships.