Coming Soon-Video Series on Home Butcher of a Hog

Updated: May 13, 2020


In this strange time of meat shortages in the stores and livestock that goes to waste we wanted to share something that may benefit you, your family and your local livestock producer. We will be uploading a video series on how we home butchered a hog with limited resources from start to finish.

In the video series you will hear how to dispatch a hog humanely and see videos on how to skin, gut, cut, process and package the meat. We are not professional butchers but will show you that the home butcher process is not a process to be scared of if you are interested in learning this age old skill.

PLEASE NOTE: Viewing the butchering process is graphic and may not be suitable for some people and for children.

It will take us a couple of days to get this information on the website under the Blog tab and we will notify everyone on our Rustic Milling & Craft Facebook page it is available. If you would like notification that the series is available and you have Facebook please like the page to be notified.

This is not the usual content that we provide but we felt it was important to share so this important skill is not lost.

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