Life is Better with Bacon

Once you are ready to smoke your seasoned bacon you can hot smoke it or cold smoke it. In warmer weather be mindful of the temperature-you may need to do it on a cool night. When you hot smoke it will smoke and also cook the meat. When you cold smoke it will just smoke the meat and it will not cook at all.

An easy way to do a cold smoke is to get a smoker tube. Put your pellets in the tube, light it and blow out the flames. It will smoke and will not be warm. If you have a grill you can use it to contain the smoke and hold the meat when it cold smokes.

Every smoke brand

will work differently and have its own recommendations.

Once the bacon is smoked it is time to slice it. Prior to slicing it put it in the freezer for a few hours as the colder and firmer the meat is the better it slices.

Bag and package the sliced bacon. We package the slices in quart bags. The end pieces and pieces that do not slice properly and are larger can be bagged and used in soups and in meals.

Once you get to the best part-putting the bacon in the pan we have noticed that the home butchered bacon has more fat in it than store bought bacon does. It will cook in its own fat and the cold smoke bacon will render more grease in the cooking process than the hot smoke bacon does since it will render out in the smoking process. We still cook our bacon that is hot smoked. We prefer to cook bacon on a griddle instead of in a pan as it renders out more and we think it tastes a bit better . Save the tasty bacon grease for other meals to be used in place of store bought oil.

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