Making BACON!

For us the bacon is the tastiest part of this process! Life is just better with bacon. Have you ever heard of bacon steaks? Ya, they exist.

Once the large pieces of pork belly are off the hog you will cut them into more manageable pieces. We use a industrial slicer so we cut the pieces into the largest size that our slicer will hold.

We make a seasoning mix and put it in a large shaker that pepper or a mix of spices came in previously. We like to have both the shaker side and the pour side as options on this container. Make your seasoning mix with what you like and want on it. We like pepper, garlic, onion powder, minced onion as starters. The left over seasoning mix can be used on other meat that will be cooked at a later date.

Take your piece of meat and coat it generously with the seasoning mix on all sides. Lay it down in your meat tote and do this to the next piece. Pile them up in the meat tote and put clear wrap on the tote to keep it clean and protected. We let it sit in the refrigerator for 3 days. Now it is ready for the smoker!

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