This starter kit is everything you need to make your first barn quilt! It takes the guess work out of the process and the book tells you everything that you need to know to make a beautiful long-lasting barn quilt that will stand the test of time.


The barn quilt has 6 blocks across and 6 blocks down for a total of 36 blocks.  Included is a basic design sheet.  All of the designs on the sheet will be compatible to the 6x6 grid on the barn quilt blank.


The Barn Quilt Starter Kit contains:

1      "The Complete Barn Quilt Creation & Painting Guide" 1 lb. 2 oz. How-To book

1      1'x1' fully prepped composite (no wood) barn quilt blank with 6x6 grid pattern

4      2 oz. containers of patriotic red, white and blue exterior acrylic latex semi-gloss paint

1      Roll of yellow Delicate Frogtape- 1.41 inch x 60 yards

3      1 inch chip brushes-pre trimmed

1      Utiltiy knife

1      Touchup liner brush

3      Baggies

1      Basic 6x6 quilt block design options sheet


NOTE-Paint must be shipped Ground and during the cold months we will take every precaution to package it in an insulated box so it will not freeze. 


If you have any questions about this kit please call or text me at (308)529-8992.

1'x1' Barn Quilt Starter Kit