This bright and cheery distressed rustic wine glass shelf with opener lived its former life as a pallet. It isimperfectly perfect.  It holds 8 small (shown here) or large wine glasses. The glasses are secure in the slots and will not fall out with the with the leather enclosure gate that secures them from accidentely falling out of shelf. The shelf is held to the wall with a thick leather strap that has been screwed multiple times to the shelf. You can buy this with the small wine glasses or without. The price listed is purchasing them with the wine glasses. $15 can be removed from the price if you do not want to buy the 8 wine glasses and the price will then be $60.

Rustic Pallet Wine Glass Shelf with Wine Glasses & Opener

SKU: 116
  • Remove any water that gets on shelf as it is made of wood. 

    If you are not 100& happy with your purchase please contact us and we will make it right.