Examples of wood grain characteristics - please  note every tree is different - this is what one milled tree looked like for this species.  Sanding and Planing Services are available to remove mill marks.

Lumber, Sawmill & Shop Services

We have 2 sawmills at 110 W. Railroad in Eustis, Nebraska and will do custom lumber milling.  Our sawmill milling service will turn your trees into usable lumber.  You can bring your trees/lumber to the shop in Eustis for lumber cutting, planing or sanding services.

We do not do tree work.  The trees must be on the ground for limb cutting and brush removal services to be provided. 

We can mill a tree the maximum diameter of 35 inches and minimum of 6 inches.  We can make a 12 inch beam for you if you want or cut it thin to 1/4 of an inch thick.  There will be an extra charge if we have to clean the branch nubs off the tree to make it suitable to run through the sawmill.  We can cut any length log and minimum length of a log that can be put in the sawmill safely is 6 foot long. 

Boards can be a minimum of quarter of an inch  thick to maximum of 12 inches.  Boards can be cut to the size you would like. Lumber can be cut with raw live edge(s) or it can be cut dimensional.  Keep in mind if you want sanding done on the logs to remove the milling marks you will need to cut your boards at least 1/8th of an inch thicker on each side than you need you finished product to be.

The cost  to mill is $50 an hour with a 1 hour minimum.  If there are nails or metal in the wood there will be a extra charge for a replacement blade/chain.

Bring in the logs and we will cut it into lumber.  Take it home to air dry it for your own use.  Great way to save money and use what you have on hand.

Stop by and see the local lumber selection that we have milled that is for sale.  There is a wide variety of size and species just waiting to be put into your next project.

If interested in local wood lumber, lumber milling, planing or sanding please call or text us at 308-529-8992.

We will also consider doing the milling for shares of the lumber on certain species of trees. 

  Your Cutting Board Revitalization &

Juice Groove Cutting Service

Has your old 100% wood cutting board seen better days?  Does it suffer from cut  marks and has it lost its luster?  Don't worry-we can help.  As long as your cutting board is 100% wood we can plane it for you and bring it back to the beauty that you remember.  In addition to making it more attractive it will also be safer as germs will have less hiding places since the old knife cut marks will be eliminated and it will be perfectly smooth and fresh again.  After it is planed we will give it a fresh coat of cutting board oil and it will once again be ready to use.

Something else to consider...don't you hate it when you use your cutting board and liquid  leaks all over because it is completely flat?  We do too and have a solution for that problem.  As long as your cutting board is 100% wood and thick enough we can router a juice groove all the way around the edge of your board so the liquid from what you are cutting stays in the routered groove instead of on running all over you, your counter, table and floor.  Once the juice groove is cut a fresh application of cutting board oil will be put on your cutting board.

For someone who butchers, cans or anyone who cuts wet food the juice groove is a must have luxury.